Win, Win with inWiFi & TapperSaver!

Merchants WIN, because set-up and advertising is free.
Shoppers WIN, because the TapperSaver® App is free and the savings are great.

Start with a combination of our hardware and proprietary software installed in the merchant’s center free. The system called inWiFi reaches out to the near surrounding area offering to shoppers, free Wi-Fi and coupon savings from merchants. The center becomes a Beacon for savings.

Follow with the FREE TapperSaver® Mobile Phone Application and now the Merchant is advertising to shoppers nationally.

The TapperSaver® App is specifically designed to encourage smartphone users to visit the participating merchant’s physical store for savings. Shoppers are giving the opportunity to win $500 for visiting and $100 for referrals. Shoppers vote for the deals they like the best and may scan barcodes to build their Dream Lists; this allows merchants to know more about what their shoppers want and offers better analytics.

Anyone with an iOS or Android smartphone can use our application. Set-up and advertising are always FREE to the merchant and the TapperSaver® application is free to shoppers so it’s HUGE WIN-WIN.

Just Connect & Save! That is our motto.

FREE App Download!

FREE Merchant Advertising


Join the fastest growing FREE ADVERTISING company in the country. Your business gets results not just promises… that is OUR GUARANTEE!

Register FREE in the Merchant Network, and reach thousands of SHOPPERS!

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How inWiFi & TapperSaver® works

For the Consumer

FREE App Download for Android & iPhone

TapperSaver® is TOTALLY FREE!

You will always win a great deal from participating merchants and you could win $500 or $100 cash. You connect, you save… every time!… GUARANTEED!

Consumer Specific Specials

inWiFi continuously helps consumers find merchants that best match their shopping preferences and the Consumer Specific Software offers them suggestions of new merchants that also fit their profile.

← Connect & Save every time, that’s our GUARANTEE!

WIN $500 or $100 Cash Monthly

Every time you connect at a network merchant you could win $500. Now every time you connect or help by answering one of our surveys your name is re-entered in to the drawing for a chance to win $500. Again and again the more times your name is re-entered the better the chances.

Refer a Friend for a Chance to Win $100

Multiply your chance of winning cash; refer your friends and family to inWiFi and if one of them is a winner of the $500 cash prize, you win $100 cash too! To refer folks, just use your inWiFi App.

inWiFi & TapperSaver® Merchant Marketing

For a consumer to connect and win he/she must be in your establishment.

It’s your choice start with the Tap & Play Media (TPM), inWiFi System hardware and proprietary software installed free at your location (location must meet certain qualifications) and become the Beacon of your center. The inWiFi System reaches out to your shared parking space and offers you and your customer, and customers of your neighbors free WIFI and your special offers. What could be better than that?… Oh yeah TapperSaver®!

Advertising is free on our special website and the merchant can market to thousands of buyers. The merchant don’t pay for readers or subscriptions holders but for real live customers.

The merchant can place and or change its special offers 24 hours 7 days a week 365 days a year.

Merchant Pays only for activation of its specials at its Location
TPM’s technology can show the merchant when and at what time a custom visited its location and activates its special offers. There are no long turn agreements and for the merchants protection TPM agrees to set a minimum of ZERO due if no activation of specials and a presets a monthly maximum amount due from the merchant. It don’t work it cost the merchant nothing it works it cost the merchant a little more. Tap & Play Media stands behind its product.


Reach Thousands of Consumers for FREE!

By joining the Tap & Play Media Merchant Network, your business is exposed to thousands of users daily. By posting the inWiFi sign at your location, consumers will want to visit and win your great offers.

Offer Great Deals to Consumers

You already advertise for a fee – now you can do it for FREE. You have total control. You can create your own offers 24/7, change them as many times as you like and add a photo for each deal. No upfront fees or advertising fees you pay only for results – real consumers at your location.

← Register over here to Join the Tap & Play Media Merchant Network

Only Pay for Visits to Your Location

There are 1,000s of our FREE APPS everywhere. Our FREE APP pays the consumer to use it. The consumer has a monthly chance to win $500 or $100 cash from Tap & Play Media in addition to your special offers.

Detailed Reports & Easy Monthly Billing

Merchant can login to view the inWiFi customer activity reports of visitors to your location, specials offered and won by consumers and an easy to understand billing statements. The monthly analytics and profiles of the consumer visits to the Merchant are worth thousands of dollars alone.


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Useful Information & Links

Corporate Offices


3463 Magic Drive, Suite 137
San Antonio, TX 78229

Telephone Numbers:
Corporate Offices
+1 (866) 511-4623
Affilate Partner Support
+1 (866) 268-6146


More useful stuff

About Tap & Play Media

The inWiFi System offers free Wi-Fi to merchants and their customers alike. Each system is capable of communicating with as many as 30 users continually and can reach from 100 to 300 feet. For maximum effective we install 5-10 transmitters per shopping center.

The TapperSaver® App is free to all shoppers and offers specials from all industries nationwide. What may not be in your area may be worth buying and having it shipped from across the states. As a shopper travels the TapperSaver® App is there.

Every month a shopper visits a network merchant the shopper has an opportunity win $100 to $500.