Tap & Play Media, Inc. to Grant over $4.6 Million to
U.S. Veterans

A special offer to create employment opportunities for returning heroes

Posted December 10, 2012

Tap & Play Media is proud to announce a special program called the Veteran Affiliate Partnership (VAP). It is designed to help our veterans return to the workforce. The program shall make available $4.6 Million in Regional fee waivers, on-the-job training, business and marketing skills, and financial advisement.

The VAP offers up to 213 regional positions in the top 50 cities, by population, throughout the United States as independent contractors of Tap & Play Media, Inc. The position involves registering local merchants of all types to an exciting new mobile marketing platform called TapperSaver™.

The TapperSaver™ marketing platform connects consumers that use smartphones, such as iPhone and Android, with registered merchants. The TapperSaver™ mobile app is free for the consumer and when the consumer plays, they are registered for a drawing to win $500 or $100. Merchants on the network are given free advertising via the TapperSaver™ website and millions of mobile apps.

Developing a relationship between consumers and merchants requires a team and what better team is there than our veterans. “Returning veterans are a perfect fit to be the team members for TapperSaver™, as they are highly motivated; and as a veteran myself, I personally want them to be successful when returning to civilian life” said Rudy W. De La Garza, co-founder and CEO of Tap & Play Media, Inc.

A region becomes the exclusive territory of the VAP. Any merchant that is registered or registers of their own accord are assigned to the VAP’s region. Based on our estimates each region, with a minimum population of 200,000, could create earnings of over $100,000 for the VAP in the first year. For additional information on how to become a VAP go to http://TapPlayMedia.com/..

Tap & Play Media is in the process of completing the TapperSaver™ software that will forever change the way merchants’ advertise to consumers. TapperSaver™ is a new and innovative mobile marketing strategy that markets participating merchants to thousands of consumers using smartphones such as iPhone and Android devices. Consumers visit the merchants’ location and tap or scan a sign with their smartphone to play and win discounts.
For more information about the TapperSaver™ platform please visit http://www.tapplaymedia.com/.

Tap & Play Media, Inc. a Texas Corporation whose address is 3463 Magic Drive, Suite 137, San Antonio, Texas 78229. The Company focuses on the development of new marketing technologies for the enhancement of merchants while creating a fun way for consumers to save and reinvest in their hometown.

Tap & Play Media, Inc. has an investment opportunity in preferred shares that pays its investors from the gross income. The Company has a 506 offering for accredited investors; to download the documents visit http://www.TapPlayMedia.com/.

For more information contact:
Rudy W. De La Garza
Co-founder & CEO
(866) 511-4623

Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/tappersaver/

Become a fan on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TapperSaver

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The inWiFi System offers free Wi-Fi to merchants and their customers alike. Each system is capable of communicating with as many as 30 users continually and can reach from 100 to 300 feet. For maximum effective we install 5-10 transmitters per shopping center.

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